FSD Beta 10.1 Release Timeline

Elon posted from Texas about the "button" release on.. Friday 9/17 1:11am (Texas local time) If when Elon said "one week from Friday" * he meant "Friday" as the day he said it, +7 days. * he meant "Friday" as the NEXT Friday, +14 days. (low confidence in presumption) When the update is available, if * it is assigned to VIN groups in batches, +0-14 days. * it is assigned to all FSD purchasers immediately, +0 days. (high confidence in presumption) After installing then clicking the button, if * the 7-day review starts after pressing, +7 days.* the 7-day review is retroactive data, +0 days. (confirmed by Elon) If you pass your insurance review then * if there is not a waiting list, +0 days. * if there is a waiting list for activation, +0-14 days. (medium confidence in presumption) Presumptions in bold, expected FSD deployment: 9/17 +14-28 days =